Anatomy of the Bullet Journal: INDEX

Welcome back to the second post in the Anatomy of the Bullet Journal series! Today we’re all about the Index.

The index is just as it sounds. It’s a record of all the pages in your notebook, and what is on them. You can go super detailed and write down every single page, or just do the basics.  Generally I just do the basics which include a range for my monthly pages (the monthly overview, memories, gratitude, tracking and daily pages), and then any important collections.
My first bullet journal was a Moleskine Squared notebook.  I had only left two pages for the index, and this wasn’t enough.  Towards the end of the book I created a third index page.

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Anatomy of the Bullet Journal: KEY

Here we are with the first post in the Anatomy of the Bullet Journal series!  Lets talk about the key.


The key is what helps you know what’s going on inside your bullet journal.  You can use bullets, signifiers, color coding or all three! Lets take a look at all three of these.

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Hello My Name is Ashley and I’m a Bullet Journal-Aholic

Hey all, and welcome to the home for bullet journal-aholics where we’re all about planning with the most adaptive system out there!  Grab your BuJo and favorite pens and join us as we plan, plan, plan through the year.

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