Hello My Name is Ashley and I’m a Bullet Journal-Aholic

Hey all, and welcome to the home for bullet journal-aholics where we’re all about planning with the most adaptive system out there!  Grab your BuJo and favorite pens and join us as we plan, plan, plan through the year.



You name the planner and literally I HAVE TRIED IT. The Day Designer, Happy Planner, Erin Condren Life Planner, Filofax a5, Filofax personal,  cheapy planners from Walmart, DIY binder planners, the ARC system…and the list goes on…and on.  For a while I had multiple systems for multiple things, and kept boxes (and I mean BIG boxes) in my closet labeled with each style planner.  There were times when I’d use one system one week, get bored and switch to a completely different system the next week… ENTER PLANNER ANXIETY HERE.  Planners are supposed to make your life easier not stress you out, and that’s exactly where I was headed.  So after literal months of pinning on Pinterest about the bullet journal and wondering if this would be the system for me I grabbed a moleskine grid journal, dove right in…and I NEVER LOOKED BACK.  It’s now been 8 whole, long, blissful months of stress-free planning!


The Bullet Journal (or BuJo for short) is a analog planning system that’s primary focus is customization.  You make of it what you want.  And that is the thing I love most about it. The best explanation comes from the founder himself, Ryder Carrol.  Ryder, from all of the bullet journal addicts out there…THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS for designing this system!

Share with us your planning journey!


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