Setting Up a New Journal

September is here! MY FAVORITE MONTH (I’m biased…my birthday is the 22nd).  A new month and a new journal – nothing quite excites me more than starting in a new bullet journal! There are times when I start to use the pages in my current journal a little faster so that I can start in a new one (yup…addict!)

First things first you’ll need to decide on your next journal.  I’m a Leuchtturm1917 fan and specifically enjoy the dot grid style.  (I’ve tried the squared style for journaling, and have used the lined style for my devotional journal, but I just don’t like it as much as the dot grid.) I’m also a huge fan of Goulet Pens.  They have the BEST prices on journals (and I always need a new fountain pen or ink for a new journal!)

This time around (starting TODAY, September 1st) I’ll be using the Emerald colored dot grid Leuchtturm1917 journal.  I usually begin to make plans about 2 weeks before I’ll be starting the new journal.  I’ll use my current journal to jot down ideas, test out new page layouts and decide what I want to use or not use.  Most of my ideas come from things I’ve seen on Pinterest, my favorite bullet journal blogs, Instagram or different BuJo Facebook groups I’m a part of.


image image image

Then, after I’ve decided on plans, I’ll start preparing my new journal.  For about a week I’ll often carry both journals in my purse with me.  This isn’t really necessary, but generally I like to work on setting it up during my lunch break at work and in other free time I have throughout the day.



I’ll usually add a fun quote to the inside cover, one that really means something to me. I have a great trick I’ll be sharing soon on how to “copy” quotes and fonts into your journal.  The fonts look cool and all, but I can’t take credit for it. I have yet to master brush lettering.





The first blank page I’ll generally use as my key.  My key in each journal has been different from the last key.  I’m constantly adapting and chasing it due to my ever-changing life.



imageThen I’ll always begin the full page spread after the index with my future planning style.  I’ve done a calendex before, and I’ve also done the traditional future planning style that is shown on the official Bullet Journal website.  This time around I’ve adapted the calendex idea.  Its a little intense, so I’m planning to do a full post on it once I get it fully set up.





As I’m planning out my pages, I’ll often use sticky notes to stick onto blank pages I haven’t fully designed yet.  Its a great way for me to know what I want to go on that page, and then I can easily change my mind if I choose to add it to another page.



Thats generally what I do when I start a new journal.  Stay tuned in a few months to see the flip through of this beauty once she’s full!

How to you start a new journal?


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