“Faking” Fancy Pages in Your BuJo

When I first started Bullet Journaling over 8 months ago, I was overwhelmed by the “artsy-ability” of seemingly everyone but me in the community.  I’m not good at drawing, hand lettering or even doodling for that matter.  At least I wasn’t … until I figured out this little trick. Here is a SUPER SIMPLE way to “fake” those awesomely fancy pages into your very own BuJo.

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You’ll need:

  • a print off (sized to fit) of what you want to copy into your journal (either make one up yourself in a word document, or find a image online to print)
  • a pencil
  • a ball point pen
  • markers for adding color

Here’s how to do it:

First, on the backside of your print off, shade over the words/image with a pencil. Keep in mind that the darker you press the easier it will be to read later when you transfer it over, but the more likely pencil residue will end up in place you don’t want it.


Second, flip the page over to see the original design and place it on your bullet journal page (pencil lead down) that you want to transfer the design to. Using your ball point pen, trace over the outline of the design. Again, the harder you press the more the darker the design will transfer over.


Third, remove the design to reveal the pencil lead that has transferred over.


Once you’ve decided on colors, trace over the pencil with your markers and color in … and voila! You have your fancy page!


Once you know this trick … you’re BuJo will be Instagram worthy!


13 thoughts on ““Faking” Fancy Pages in Your BuJo

  1. Do you have tips for how to figure out what size font to use when doing the print out? ie. for the letters to be two squares tall in the bujo, what size would that be?


    1. Good question! Not really, since most every font is different. I usually measure out on my page (in the bujo) how much space I want it to take up. For instance, if its a header and I want it to be the top inch of the page (that’s about 4 squares), I’ll type out in my word processor what I want to put on the page. Then I use the rulers within the word processor to make sure I don’t go over. Once I get fairly familiar with a certain font (current favorite – SUNBREATH from 1001freefonts.com) I can usually “guestimate”.


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