Inside My First Bullet Journal

My first ever bullet journal was a work-in-progress.  In fact, all of my BuJo’s have been just that, each one increasing in efficiency and evolving into what I need it to be.  So here’s a little look into my first Bullet Journal.




  • Journal: Moleskine Squared, Black
  • Most used Pens: Bic Crystal 1.6mm, Frixion Erasable Markers
  • Future Planning Method: Classic method/Calendex


For my first Key, I decided to use a box instead of the traditional dot.  It worked for me, but a dot is a whole lot easier to do, which I found out later on.

Most of my daily pages looked the same, I wasn’t much into experimenting with different designs at the beginning of my BuJo journey.  I eventually got into that…


A commonly seen yearly calendar…


Tracking the habits.


My daily’s begin to get a little bit fancy.

imageThe first Calendex attempt.


Some more dailies…

imageOne of my favorite collection pages.

imageI started out labeling the edges of some of my pages into categories with washi tape.  I did not continue this in future journals.

If photo’s weren’t enough…check out the video flip through:



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