17 Before 2017

Well this whole 17 before 2017 list is all the rage with the Bujo right now.  And because us Bujo-ers are all about sharing and copying, I figured hey why not jump on this bandwagon too!



I’m all about Barney’s famous words. So of course the 17 before 2017 challenge is one I didn’t want to miss out on.  So here is my list of 17 things I want to accomplish before 2017.

  1. Vacation On My Own.  You know there’s this whole sect of people who think that a female “of a certain age” should never vacation alone because its dangerous.  OH THE HORROR.  Well people I’m 27 (well basically 28, my birthday is Thursday) and I’m so done with this trying to find other people to vacation with and making schedules happen thing when HELLO I can just do it on my own. Now make no mistake I’m not stupid and I’m not going to head over to Paris, share a cab with a stranger, announce to him that I’m all alone and then get taken so we can all wait for Liam Neeson to come to my rescue.  But what’s a night or two on the Cape, or a camping excursion for a weekend at a place I’ve been a MILLION times with my parents.
  2. Go to the Zoo.  I don’t even care which one.  But I LOVE zoos and it’s been awhile.
  3. Have 20 Blog Followers.  This is where you (my readers) all come in.  Come on… click that follow button.. you know you want to!
  4. Read 100 Books.  Okay what I really mean by this is complete my reading challenge on Good Reads which was to read 100 books in 2016.  I’m close, so close!
  5. Make all my Christmas Gifts. I love Christmas, and I love giving.  But what I love even more is giving something that I created, and that took me time to make.  So that’s my goal this year: to make all my gifts, with love and meaning.
  6. Hike One More High Peak. Back in May, I hiked Giant, and boy let me tell you that was some rough stuff.  But if I’m ever going to become a 46er I have to get on it!  And hopefully I’ll be able to tackle one more…pretty please!
  7. Pay Off Credit Cards.  I have a few, mostly just store cards with low limits, but you know I love shopping and I get it down, only to spend a little more…  Well the goal is to pay at least two of the 3 off in full by January 1st.
  8. Have $250 in Savings.  I AM A HORRIBLE SAVER.  Its so bad, so very bad.  But life has a way of throwing curve balls at you, and even a little bit (like $250) can help in a pinch. So that’s the goal.  #babysteps
  9. Start Scrapbooking Again.  I used to love doing this – and no not digital scrapbooking.  I mean the real deal get the photos printed, drag out the huge albums, paper, markers, scissors and corner rounder’s kind of scrapbooking.
  10. Organize My Craft Room & Keep It Clean.  You would think at the way my office at work looks, and the way I love to organize things, and the look inside my bullet journals that my craft room would stay clean.  Yeah that must just be a dream because I’ll clean it and then the next day the bomb goes off.  Lets make this not happen ever again.
  11. Design a 46ers Cross Stitch Pattern.  I’ve recently gotten into cross stitch (again).  And I’ve been looking for a way to track my 46er progress in a way that make sense to me, but is also decorative.  So, perhaps this is my answer.
  12. Pay Extra on a Student Loan. The goal is to pay extra all three months: October, November and December.
  13. Seriously Purge My Wardrobe.  I have so much clothing, and most of it I don’t even wear.  Mostly because I buy something I like wear it out, then but something else to take its place but never get rid of the old.  PROBLEM.
  14. Clean Out the Basement.  I live with my grandmother as partial care-taker.  I’ve literally taken over the entire second floor and basement with stuff that I’m just holding on to because of “what if…” This makes me sound like a horder, and I promise you I’m not but lets stop living like that and just chuck it out please!
  15. Have a Successful No-Spend Week. Do you know how many times I’ve tried a no spend month.  I’ve never even lasted a week. So maybe if I break that down into a week instead of a month I’ll have better luck.
  16. Sell Bracelets/Jewelry on Etsy.  I dabble a little in making jewelry.  It might sell, it might not, but there’s only one way to find out.
  17. Find the Bullet Journal of Purses. I can already tell this one is going to be the start of an entire post (or maybe even a series).  I literally go through purses like I went through planners – that is until I found the bullet journal.  I want to find the purse of all purses the one that literally makes my life easier.  The Bullet Journal of Purses!

Join the challenge with us and let us know of your progress!


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