Inside My Third Bullet Journal

This is now my third attempt at a video for this blog.  Third time’s a charm right.  No who am I kidding, video’s are not my strong point.  But take a look anyways. Oh and if video’s aren’t really your thing either, I’ve added photos and descriptions too!



This is a quick look inside my third bullet journal.  If you missed it, I’ve also posted about my first bullet journal and my second bullet journal.  Make sure to check those out.  I’ll be honest, I was NOT happy with this Leuchtturm1917 squared  (you’ll notice in the video the last 50 pages or so are pretty blank and I’ve clipped them all together).  I purchased this journal because I was not about to spend $40 for a dot grid on amazon.  All the regular priced dot grids were BACKORDERED! #crymeariver over that one.  But I did survive two months in this, until Goulet Pens came through for me.

Third BuJo Specs:

  • Journal: Leuchtturm1917 Squared
  • Pens Used: bic velocity 1.6mm, 8pack Stadetler Pigment liners, Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen (medium and fine point)
A fun quote to start out a new journal.
A new key for a new journal. I started off using the Bic Velocity pens in 1.6mm for color coding.
The thing i didn’t like the most about the squared style was that each page header had a “date” line.  I felt like I could only have one day per page, otherwise it messed with the “look” of the journal.  So since that was the case, I often used the excess space for pasting in things like movie stubs or writing out a quote with a fountain pen.
My attempt at a 31 day no spending challenge.  This sort-of worked for me.  But as you can see… I still have yet to accomplish a successful “no-spend” anything.
I’ll often have quotes through out my journal, and in this case I was reading the Hunger Games. I thought it would be appropriate.
A pen testing page for my favorite kinds of pens.  If I had to choose my favorites it would be fountain pens, the stadetler pigment finalizers, and the paper mate flairs.
Towards the end of my journal I began testing out pages for my next journal.  I did a lot of testing this time around, as I wanted to use of pages since I didn’t like the squared style.  I decided half-way through August that I wanted to start September in a new journal.
I made this collection page in an effort to work out more.  It has been migrated (well a version) to my 4th journal, but I really have only used it about twice.

And there you have it!  A photo look inside my third journal.

Here’s the video flip through for your enjoyment!



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