Printing on Sticky Notes

When I first read that printing on sticky notes was a thing… my initial thought was NO WAY! There is NO WAY that you can do that. So my skeptical self stuck with that theory for a while, not even attempting it.


After a while of sticking to my guns… I realized I should probably give it a go. So I tried it…and what do you know… it’s almost the COOLEST THING EVER!

So here’s what you need

  • sticky note template (large or small)
  • sticky notes (even the ones from the Target Dollar Spot work!)

First print out the template with the boxes so you know for sure where you need to place your sticky note. Then either design your own thing to print using the word version, or use one of my already designed ones to print.

I use a sticky note for each of my blog posts, and this is how I keep track of what I’ve done and still need to do for a post.
And here’s a beautiful TV tracker, I use one season per sticky note, and it helps me keep track of the episodes I’ve watched.

Check out my page of FREE printable templates.



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