Free Printable Friday: CW Channel TV Trackers

Oh yes that’s right! I’m starting something new! Every SINGLE Friday I’ll roll out a new FREE printable just for you!


Um… Lets face it.  The CW Channel has seriously brought us some AWESOME TV shows.

Now I do have cable, but I rarely ever watch TV, I’m a true commercial hater – and 90% of the time I’m busy when a favorite show is on, so either I wait the year out and watch when it finally makes its appearance to Netflix, pray its on Hulu and attempt to catch it before it goes off, or the worst option … buy it… because I can’t wait any longer.



Hello Handsome! Lets take a minute to swoon over Stephen Amell.  Because really… it can’t get much better than that… the muscles, the scars, the tattoos…Excuse me while I fait at his rich playboy, assassin, vigilante Oliver Queen gorgeousness. But really this show.  I literally have no words for how much I love it.

So catch up before the season 5 premier on October 5th with these free printable TV show trackers for sticky notes.  (Make sure to pick up some GREEN ones!)

THE FLASHthe-flash

It may be possible that the only reason I like this show is that 1. it was a spin off from Arrow and 2. Stephen Amell occasionally makes an appearance.  But something can also be said for running really, really fast, and the fact that Gran Gustin is pretty nice to look at.

Catch up before the season 3 premier October 4th with these free printable TV show trackers for sticky notes.



I have this show to thank for finding out about Arrow. Because it was during a commercial break during this show that Arrow showed up… But anyways.  This show has a way of making me think I was totally born in the wrong era, and I should have been royalty. The dresses, OH THE DRESSES!  And I won’t lie…I actually rooted for Sebastian instead of Francis, even though I knew he wouldn’t win. Sigh.

Catch up on this series with this printable TV tracker for sticky notes.

To print your TV show trackers: simply print off this template, add sticky notes to the printed paper, put back in your printer and print out the tracker pages.





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