September Blog Stats & Review

Well its been a month on the blog! YAY! I’m so excited to share with you all what we accomplished over this last month – with very little effort.  Just a whole lot of love of bullet journaling.


September Blog Goals

I started out making just five goals for myself this month. I didn’t want to stress myself out, or go way above what I thought I could do.  Plus I knew I was just starting out with this whole blogging thing, so I wanted to give myself a little grace too as I learned the ropes.

  1. Post at least one time per week
  2. Have 20 or more views per week
  3. Get 5 blog followers
  4. Have 10 Instagram followers
  5. Keep track of my stats

So lets see how we did.

  1. I posted at least twice a week, some weeks I did 3 posts.  I stuck to the schedule of Monday/Wednesday/Friday for the most part. I had seen this calendar format over at BohoBerry & her blog and business bullet journal and started using the format Kara did, scheduling the post ideas for that day with a sticky note and then writing in in permanently when it was scheduled.  This worked, but the sticky flags I have leave a sticky residue on my pages, and then the pages stick together.  So towards the end I just decided to leave the sticky note and write in that I had scheduled it.  Plus that way adds a little bit of color.

    Scheduling and tracking blog posts, goals and etc. in my Bullet Journal.
    Scheduling and tracking blog posts, goals and etc. in my Bullet Journal.
  2. I averaged about 111 views per week.
  3. I only got 2 blog followers, and one of them is me, so really that only means 1 blog follower.
  4. At the end of September I had 29 Instagram Followers
  5. I somewhat faithfully kept track of stats: I tracked the number of blog posts, number of blog views, number of blog followers, number of Pinterest followers (to my BuJo Aholics board only), number of instagram followers and then since I added in doing free printable I’m using Bitly to track the number of views of my free printables.
Tracking my September stats in my bullet journal
Tracking my September stats in my bullet journal

WordPress Stats for September

I love seeing what countries I’m viewed in.
Pinterest seems to be the best way to acquire views.
My most popular blog posts this month.
Monthly stats from

I am not yet making money on this blog, and I’m not sure if that will ever be something I pursue.  I just want to contribute what I love to the Bullet Journaling Community.

October Goals

Since my calendar worked so well last month I’ve decided to use that same format this time around.  Here’s my goals for this month:

  1. Continue to Post 3 times per week
  2. Offer 10 free printables this month & have 50 views on Bitly.
  3. Increase blog followers to 5
  4. Increase Instagram followers to 40
  5. Research how to get people to share my pins from the website on Pinterest & have at least 1 post this month reach 15 pins.
My October blog calendar set up.
My October blog calendar set up.
October Stats Tracker for Blog.
October Stats Tracker for Blog.

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