Guest Post: Inside My Sister’s (First) BuJo!

Sorry about the “heavy” posting this week.  But this post has me SO EXCITED I could not wait any longer. And let me tell you – this post is AH-Mazing.  Not only because my sister is freaking awesome, but because her first bullet journal totally shows you that you can just use any old notebook and make it work for you.

So here she goes: Enter Courtney.


I have to give all the credit to my lil sis for introducing me to the BEST planner in the world…the Bujo, of course. While I may not be as obsessed as she, I do love, love, love bullet journaling.  The versatility is by far the biggest reason I’m sticking with the bujo.

I think my planner obsession began with assignment notebooks in school.  I loved getting a new one every fall (and will admit I changed them throughout the year because I got bored).  After high school, I started using traditional planners (you know, the cheapy ones from Walmart or Office Max).  Those I changed frequently, again because I was getting bored.  I gave some other, more expensive versions a try but nothing ever stuck for more than a few months, at best.

Fast forward to marriage and kids and I thought my planner days were over (or at least put on hold).  Who has time to plan with two under two?  Until I realized that my planning days were just beginning!  I have to make lists and have a calendar because I can’t remember ANYTHING!!!  I thought mommie brain was bad while I was pregnant….now I’m lucky if I remember what happened a few minutes ago.  

So I had multiple things to attempt to keep me organized as a mom. Wall calendar, calendar on my android (which is synced to my husband’s because that’s his preferred method of planning), prayer/devotion journal and lists up the wazoo scattered on various pieces of paper that I may or may not be able to find.  I even tried making a home binder as seen on Pinterest (side note, after bujo, pinterest is my next obsession) but that was taking WAY too much effort and I couldn’t find pages I was happy with.  

And then, my lil sis saved my life (well my sanity anyway) when she told me about an amazing new planner she had found.  At first I just listened to her because that’s what we do…we talk and listen and give opinions. I was glad she found something that worked for her, but didn’t think it was for me (this momma was “too busy”).  One day while I was clicking around Pinterest, I saw some things my sister has pinned about bullet journaling and I was intrigued enough to check them out.  I started frantically texting Ashley to ask her more and more.  

My very first Bujo

I wanted to give it a try right away so I found a little spiral notebook I had in my stash of office supplies.  I also did not want to spend the money on a special journal if I wasn’t going to like it (I think I ordered my Leuchtturm 1917 the next day).  The Leuchtturm book didn’t come for a few weeks so I did use that little spiral notebook for quite some time.  It’s pretty sad and pathetic, but I’ll share some pics anyway.  

AND it just goes to show how truly versatile bujo can be!!

A collection for Thank You notes I needed to write and a meaningful verse.

A collection for Thank You notes I needed to write and a meaningful verse.

In closing, I am honored to be guest posting on Bullet Journal Aholics.  I am not ashamed to say I know my sis posts approx. every other day so I try to check it that often to read what she has posted.  I’m hoping my future guest posts will include how the Bujo really works for me as a busy momma.  

Courtney is Ashley’s older sister and mother to two of the most adorable little girls on this planet.  She dabbles a little in blogging about motherhood & her walk with Jesus over at Turn My Darkness Into Light.  


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