The Moleskine Squared Journal

Life has seriously gotten away from me – and its been TWO WEEKS since I last posted.  I PROMISE that will never happen.  OH who am I kidding … I can’t make that promise.

Well anyways… today I wanted to do a little review on the Moleskin Hard Covered Squared Journal.


This was the first journal I started bullet journaling in. I had a love-hate relationship with it, but I was anxious to start and this journal is readily available (Target) and fairly reasonably priced (about $15-$18).


Size: the size is fairly comparable to most journals sized A5.  Although the pages are a little bit smaller than the normal A5.  I was okay with that, but I do much prefer the Luechtturm1917 journals now.


Pages: There are 240 pages that you will need to number yourself.  Not a big deal, I just did that as I went along.  The page quality is awesome its fairly silky smooth and I didn’t have any issues with bleeding.  Although, as this was my first journal I didn’t do much with fountain pens and ink in this journal.  I’m pretty sure those would bleed through.



Archiving Quality: I started BuJo-ing in January, so I’e only had a year of “archiving” so far, and its probably not long enough to tell.  Though its rated to be pretty good for this.  I was not impressed though with the spine of the journal.  I attached a sticker from one of my Leuchtturm1917’s to the spine, and I had to use clear packing tape to cover it so that it would stick still.  My journal when opened, the spine bends, unlike the Leuchtturm’s.


Ribbon/Elastic Band: Both worked out well.  There is only one ribbon bookmark, and it did begin to fray towards the end.  And the elastic band stretched out a lot.


So there you have it.  My two-cents on the Moleskine notebook.  What’s your take?


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