Product Review: Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen

Can I just tell you that bullet journaling is awesome…and then enter the fountain pen.  It’s like the Hallelujah Chorus is playing all the time in my head over this!  The first fountain pen I used was the Pilot Metropolitan in the Medium nib.  And. I. Literally. Just. Fell. In. Love.  Head over heels kind of love.


I just loved it so much I purchased 3 more! My collection now consists of 3 medium nibs and 1 fine. Its beauteous, sleek, writes like a dream, and is super reasonably priced.

This green pen has me wanting to defy all kinds of gravity like Elphaba! And the Turquoise is Love. 

They come with a converter and in a cute little black case.  I have yet to use the converter, mostly because the cartridges are so reasonably priced, and come in TONS of colors that I just haven’t wanted to mess with what was already good.


If there is a downside its that they can be a little leaky.  On more than one occasion I’ve ended up with ink on my fingers, and they do get a little covered in ink all over the nib.  But its still a great pen and I highly recommend!


What fountain pens do you love??


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