Top 5 Inspirational Bullet Journaling Blogs

When it comes to bullet journaling – 90% of it is inspiration.  So here’s a list of 10 of my favorite blogs to go to for that.


  1. Over at you’ll find all kinds of stuff from the creator of the bullet journal system himself.
  2. Kara is rocking it over at with all kinds of cool stuff.  She’s even started an etsy shop with stickers and such to add in to your journal!
  3. Kim over at has some great ideas as well!
  4. This blog I just came across yesterday.  I love the fresh “young” vibe she gives.
  5. Over at you’ll find a little bit of everything!

TIP: inspiration is awesome, and copying is okay (as long as you give credit when you share) but I’ve also found that once I have the inspiration, if I adapt it and make it my own it comes out so much better!

Share you’re favorite inspirational blogs below!


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