Lets Set Up November

I’m always anxious to start a new month.  It creates all sorts of excitement.  So just how do you go about doing it?


November will be here TOMORROW.  Yay! I love November 1st.  Its when the spirit of Christmas begins.  But now I’m all sidetracked… Back to Bullet Journaling.

Here’s what to do when you start a new month in your bullet journal.

First, go to the next clean page or page spread and gather all your favorite supplies.


My current favorite supplies are the Staedtler Pigment Liners (6 pack), Staedtler triplus fineliners (20 pack), the papermate inkjoy gel 0.5 black clicker pen, bic white out mini, elmer’s dot runner, and the pilot metropolitan pen with medium nib.  I generally carry all these supplies with me in my bag – EVERYWHERE!

Next I head over to Pinterest for a quote to start the month.  Sometimes its just one that is meaningful to me at the time, or it has to do with the month.  I use the page I put this quote on as my memories page.  I’ll add photos (with the dot runner) or just write out things in a fun way.  Sometimes I’ll even paste in the quote or I’ll copy it into my journal using this method.


I’ll also print of a header to use on my monthly page.  This one is using the Sunbreath font from 1001freefonts.com. And from there I’ll set up my pages!


And there you have NOVEMBER!



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