17 Before 2017 UPDATE

Well… We’ve reached the middle of November – which means there is only a month and a half until 2017.  So today I wanted to re-assess my 17 before 2017 goals.


In a nut-shell, I’ll be honest.


But that’s why I decided on this entire re-assessment thing. I can probably still get most of these things done, if I can just get my act together.

  1. Vacation On My Own.  CHECK.  While it was not an actual over-night vacation I did do a day road trip all by my lonesome to Lake Placid & up Whiteface – where there was SNOW.  Check out the photos here.
  2. Go to the Zoo. CHECK.  The weekend of my birthday I visited the Utica Zoo with my sister, brother-in-law and nieces.  Oh my stars.  Can I just say that a 1 year old at the Zoo is just the cutest thing ever.
  3. Have 20 Blog Followers.  As of this moment I have 6.
  4. Read 100 Books.  I’m still really close.  But I’m starting to doubt I’ll make it to 100.  I’m currently at 68 of 100 books for 2016.
  5. Make all my Christmas Gifts. I’m working on this.  I have a lot of things in progress, but none of them completed. I’m attempting to make at least SOMETHING for everyone on my list.
  6. Hike One More High Peak. This I’ve decided to just cross off.  No way am I trekking one of those in the snow.
  7. Pay Off Credit Cards.  I can probably kiss this one goodbye to… but that is what the tax return is for right?
  8. Have $250 in Savings.  I AM A HORRIBLE SAVER. I said that in my original post and I’ll say it again… I AM A HORRIBLE SAVER.  Currently I’m at like $11.  #priorities
  9. Start Scrapbooking Again.  This is on my list of things to do this week.
  10. Organize My Craft Room & Keep It Clean.  I finished cleaning it this week.  Organizing is another story…but at least its at the point where I can find things again.
  11. Design a 46ers Cross Stitch Pattern.  Zero progress accomplished.
  12. Pay Extra on a Student Loan. Yeah … right…
  13. Seriously Purge My Wardrobe.  I love my clothes… But I still want to do this.  I do have a large garbage bag in my car ready for the donation bin… that’s progress right?
  14. Clean Out the Basement.  If anything it looks worse…only because I’m an event planner and all my stuff is down there.  And I had a huge event the beginning of this month that I haven’t finished putting everything away from.
  15. Have a Successful No-Spend Week. This week…maybe. Maybe not.
  16. Sell Bracelets/Jewelry on Etsy.  I’m taking this one off, mostly because I’m going to give what I have done away as Christmas gifts this year.
  17. Find the Bullet Journal of Purses. I think I’ve accomplished this one.  Tune in next week to see my post about this!



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