The Bullet Journal of Purses

Hey All! We’re back at it again here sharing with you my search for what I call the “bullet journal of purses.”


Do you remember that feeling of calming peace when the Bullet Journal was finally the planning system you had been looking for.  That moment when all the money you spend on all other planners didn’t matter anymore because you FINALLY had found planner peace….  That’s what I was hoping to find when I began the search for the perfect purse to carry with me at all times.

Now let me tell you this search was not easy.  But I think, I think I may have found it…

I’ve tried so, so, so many different bags; tried using multiple bags…but I just keep coming back to this one.


Juicy Couture Gloria Lock Tote


I came across this bag while shopping in Kohls one day.  I LOVE their Juicy Couture line.  I literally spent like an hour looking at all the bags trying to decide which one I wanted to try.  This one had a beautiful crown patterned pink interior and I just fell in love. Plus it met my purse criteria: My BuJo and Kipling 100 Pen Case must fit.


So now lets jump into why this purse is my BuJo of purses.  First off its big, but not too big. I don’t feel like I’m carrying the world with me, but its big enough to fit all my necessities.


Generally I carry the following with me at all times:

  1. iPhone 6
  2. Bullet Journal
  3. Vera Bradley Tablet Case – with either my iPad or Kindle (depending on which one I feel like using.)  Also in this case I have headphones, and charging cords.
  4. Kipling 100 Pen Case (full of pens)
  5. Juicy Couture Wristlet
  6. Vera Bradley makeup bag – had makeup necessities, hand sanitizer, gum, medications, etc.

All of this fits comfortably in this bag.  Plus with the wristlet, I can just grab that and head into the store if I need to, not having to take in the bigger bag.


When I purchased the bag, they were doing their Kohls Cash special.  I had debated on purchasing the wristlet at that time, but couldn’t bring myself to do it since the bag was about $50 and the wristlet another $20 on top of that.  So I waited and decided to go back and spend the Kohls Cash on the wristlet.  That was a smart decision…the wristlet was then on sale and I paid $3 for it.


I’m really a fan of this line…big time. I also purchased this cross-body which fits my BuJo and tablet with the wristlet for when I’ll be out shopping or something all day, not wanting (or needing) all the pens with me.



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