Free Printable Friday: To Do List Sticky Note

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Here we are at it again! Can you tell I have a HUGE sticky note obsession?


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Event Planning & Threading

In my October Blog Stats & Review post I mentioned that by night I’m an event planner.  Part of the reason my stats dropped off was because I was planning the decor for this HUGE event.  Let me tell you this was an event that took every piece of me.. ENTER THE BUJO.


Planning an event can be super stressful. But staying organized and on top of your tasks can largely take that stress away.  So I wanted to share with you how I used my BuJo to plan this event.

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October Blog Stats & Goals Review

TWO MONTHS DOWN! (and forever more to go…) Here we have reached our second full month on the blog.  So here’s my review of my blogs stats & goals for the Month of October.


October Blog Goals

I started off with just 5 goals again this month.  I knew that I didn’t want to go too big, since the end of the month would be a bit of a stretch to even accomplish what I was hoping for.

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Free Printable Friday: Currently I’m… Sticky Note

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Free printable Friday may be my new favorite day… WHY? because hello… I love the word FREE!

Here’s a handy way to keep track of your weekly “currently’s” – great for if you use your planner for keeping memories and more!


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