Free Printable Friday: Bible Verse Boxes

Okay.. so last week we did an ECLP printable and here is yet another!


Y’all know I love Jesus… and there is nothing better for me than adding in a little of His word to your planner.

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Evolution of a Blog Calendar

Well… its now been 3 fun months on the blog.  And I know you’ve seen my blog calendars in my Bullet Journal… But I wanted to show you just how its evolved over the 3 months!


So now you’ll get a little behind the scenes view of how I prepare for posting on the blog, track views on the blog and Instagram, and check to see which printables are rocking your socks off.

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Free Printable Friday: “To” Border Boxes

We’re back for another FREE PRINTABLE FRIDAY today with this awesome one! Perfect for all you Erin Condren Life Planner lovers out there!

Plan in style with these totally awesome boxes perfectly sized for the boxes in the ECLP and Happy Planner.  Each box features a patterned border with “To… go, call, do, etc.”

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Inside My Bible Study and Prayer Bullet Journal

In a post last week, I talked about how I had started a Bible Study and Prayer journal, and also how I had attempted to combine that journal with my regular BuJo…and it failed.  So I thought I’d share with you what my Bible study and prayer journal looks like!

My journal is just a boring cheap one purchased from Walmart for about $3.  But I knew I wanted it to be functional and lined so that I could write out my prayers, take notes, make lists, and etc.

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3 Monthly Calendar Grid Spreads

When I first started Bullet Journaling…I was afraid of the typical monthly spread you see in bullet journals.

You know… the one where you list down the dates from top to bottom on the page. I assumed that wasn’t “calendar” enough for me, and that I would HATE it.  So I attempted to try several monthly calendars with a box for each day. Needless to say… I’m now a 100% fan of the “typical” monthly spread… More on that in another post.
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Free Printable Friday: Planner Flag Stickers

Stickers are AWESOME.  They add that extra flair of color and love to all things planner related.  So today for Free Printable Friday I wanted to share with you these pretty cool flag stickers.

These patterns are also to die for.  I mean they’re just so pretty.  So here’s how this works. Simply download the file here.  Print on sticker paper (or regular paper and run through sticker machine).  Then enjoy the beauty they add to your planner.


Stay addicted BuJo-Aholics!

Journaling in the Bullet Journal

It took me almost a year before I even considered “journaling” in my BuJo. Funny since “Journaling” is even in its name…

I’m actually still not even sure how I feel about journaling within my BuJo, and here’s why: I’m so concerned with space… I mean really I don’t have to be – that’s one of the beauties of the BuJo, but during my “test” of this last month I was averaging almost 2 or more pages each day.  I’d be using a journal a month at that rate… So here’s a few things I tried and what I’ve decided in terms of journaling my my future.

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5 Movie and TV Spread Ideas

Admit it… All of us Bullet Journal-Aholics spend HOURS on Pinterest scoping out the latest spread ideas.  And we copy them off everyone else.  That is the beauty of this community!

So here are 5 awesome spreads for tracking all things movie and TV.
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Free Printable Friday: Half-Size Blog Planner

So today we’re switching from all things bullet journal – to partly bullet journal related.  For today’s Free Printable Friday I’m rolling out this #awesome half-sized blogging planner so you can stay on track for posting and tracking stats!


And the EVEN BETTER part is you can seriously just print and cut in half, trim to size and IT WILL FIT PERFECTLY into your bullet journal… Can’t get much better than that! #amiright

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