How I Bullet Journal At Work

It took me long enough to finally realize that I needed to start Bullet Journaling at work.  I mean its been almost a year since I started Bullet Journaling in my personal life, and it’s literally changed my life.  So really I should start adapting it for work.


Now, I had started to use my personal bullet journal and just putting work things in that.  But really, it got to the point where work things were taking up the majority of my pages…and then I had access to it at home (that’s another story).  So this month I took the plunge and started a bullet journal at work.


I’ve had my eye on the Leuchtturm1917 master slim notebooks… but I couldn’t justify the price for a work expense, and I didn’t want to spend that much out of my own pocket.  So I headed over to Office Max and found this Cambridge Limited notebook.  Its lined, but for work I figured that was okay.  (I’m seriously a fan of the dot grid). The paper size is about 11″ long, but just about 8″ wide, so not quite the size of an 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper.


On the inside cover I used this awesome rose gold dotted washi (scotch brand) to lay out my basic key and color coding system.


Then I printed off this Index outline and pasted it into the first page.  And added more washi for FUN!

Enter a caption

Then I seriously just dove right into the planning.


I use google calendar to keep track of all our events and usage of our facilities, so I decided rather than creating a calendar from scratch I could just print a copy and paste it in.  Then I can just add new events, or reprint and paste in a new copy. And I’m not really future planning in this journal.  That’s what google calendar is for!


So far this has really worked out well for me.  I’m enjoying the fact that I get to Bullet Journal at work now!

Stay addicted BuJo-Aholics!


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