November Blog Stats & Goals Review

DECEMBER IS HERE!!! And that means its time to review how the blog did in November.


November Goals Review

So these were my goals for the month of November. Lets dive right in!

1. Faithfully post three times per week. I managed this about 50% of the weeks of November.  The first week and third week I didn’t post 3 times, but I did post 3 times the second wee, 4 times the fourth week and 3 times the last week (which technically one of those posts is included in December)

img_01062. Offer 1 free printable each week and increase bitly stats to 50+ views. I’m just at 26 views for bitly, which I guess for me is a little discouraging.  Next month I’m going to see what I can do to promote my free printables more to get those stats higher.

3. Work on taking better photos for blog posts and title pics for sharing on Pinterest and Instagram. I should have known with a holiday this month this type of research wasn’t going to happen.  I’m tabling this probably until January/February of 2017.

4. Post on Instagram at least 3 times per week. I posted 29 photos on Instagram in November.  That works out to be almost one per day! (although some days I posted more than one…)

5. Increase Instagram followers to 50+. This one excited me.  As of November 30 I had 61 followers on Instagram.  It make up for the frustrating-ness of my “failure” in the free-printable department.


If you aren’t already following me on Instagram – Make sure to do so @bulletjournalholics.

6. Complete at least 50% of the #planwithme challenge for November. (& share photos of this on my blog & Instagram). I was just shy of 50% at doing 12 of the 30 challenges.


November WordPress Stats

Take a look at my stats for November! I was up from last month!

So lets talk December Goals!


  1. Post faithfully 3x per week.
  2. Promote Free printables and reach 50+ views on bitly links.
  3. Sharek posts faithfully on Instagram and Pinterest as they are published.
  4. Increase Instagram followers to 100+.
  5. #Planwithmechallenge and #RockYourHandwriting to 50% completion.
  6. Increase blog followers to 10+.
  7. Have another guest post.
  8. Share my daily headers in my BuJo on Instagram each day.

Stay addicted Bullet Journal Aholics!


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