5 Movie and TV Spread Ideas

Admit it… All of us Bullet Journal-Aholics spend HOURS on Pinterest scoping out the latest spread ideas.  And we copy them off everyone else.  That is the beauty of this community!

So here are 5 awesome spreads for tracking all things movie and TV.

Track the movies you want to watch with this awesome tracker. Use up as much space on the page as possible by creating boxes to color in to separate movie titles.

Track TV shows by seasons only to stay on track with all your favorite shows. This works great when you’re watching from a source like Netflix where it checks off shows as you watch them within the system.

Track by season and episode with this spread.  I simply printed off the TV show image and pasted into my journal for some extra pizzaz.  Then added boxes for each season/episode. (Season numbers are noted with a circle within the box).

Simply list the movies you want to buy, but add an awesome header! Fill in the circled number as you purchase.

Track your TV shows by printing each season on a sticky note.  This is a great space saver for those that watch LOTS of shows.  Plus check out my already created sticky note printables to track TV shows here.


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