Journaling in the Bullet Journal

It took me almost a year before I even considered “journaling” in my BuJo. Funny since “Journaling” is even in its name…

I’m actually still not even sure how I feel about journaling within my BuJo, and here’s why: I’m so concerned with space… I mean really I don’t have to be – that’s one of the beauties of the BuJo, but during my “test” of this last month I was averaging almost 2 or more pages each day.  I’d be using a journal a month at that rate… So here’s a few things I tried and what I’ve decided in terms of journaling my my future.

I’m a fan of this spread, and this is the journaling I will probably continue.  This was part of a vacation.  And when you’re vacationing, generally your daily routine is different.  So I journaled about the day and added in photos.  (One of those zip printers would have come in handy… Adding to WISHLIST now.) This was the day I came home, so I waited to journal until I was home at my computer and printer to get the photos added into my journal.

Right around this time, I had decided to attempt to combine my Bible Study/Prayer journal with my BuJo.  This is what I decided NOT to do.  Keeping it separate is just more effective.

This was one of my days of bible study/prayer…see what I mean about taking up tons of space?? (Blurred for privacy).  I also determined, if I didn’t like the space this took up, journaling about each day probably wouldn’t be effective for me either.

This is another journaling part I’ll continue with.  Holidays and special events will be journaled! This happened to be notes from the sermon at church Thanksgiving Morning.

So that’s my journaling within the BuJo plan. Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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