Evolution of a Blog Calendar

Well… its now been 3 fun months on the blog.  And I know you’ve seen my blog calendars in my Bullet Journal… But I wanted to show you just how its evolved over the 3 months!


So now you’ll get a little behind the scenes view of how I prepare for posting on the blog, track views on the blog and Instagram, and check to see which printables are rocking your socks off.

So the first month on the blog I had a calendar, and then I had a page where I tracked the stats.  This worked, but I hated having to flip back and forth between different pages for my blog stuff.


When I originally came across this blog calendar idea on pinterest (from @bohoberry), She used the sticky notes to plan her posts, and then took them off the page and wrote in the box for that day the post once it was completed & scheduled.  It was my original intention to do that.  But the sticky notes I used leave this really sticky reside behind.  (Insert sad face here…)  So, towards the end of the month I just ended up leaving the sticky notes on the boxes, and marking a check box that I had scheduled the post.

For October, I kept the same spread going.  But I just added a little of my own flair to spice it up just a little…


I defined my goals section a little bit more, spent some time on my headers and then failed miserably at posting that month… I also didn’t track any stats! For September, I tracked the blog stats on separate pages (like this…)  I didn’t really care for that…


Enter November… This is where things began to get #awesome.


Because I was not a fan of the stats on a separate page I decided to start tracking those on my actual calendar.  You’ll notice I have 3 colored numbers on the bottom of each box. Those represent my stats for the month.  I stuck with using the flags and not removing them. I would move posts around when I saw that a certain post was coming to together quicker than another, but I kept them on the day box for which it would be scheduled for.

But this month clearly was not my favorite…


For December, I ended up cutting down each flag so it would fit better in the boxes.  I also added a B for blog views, IG for Instagram and Bi for Bitly for tracking my stats on the bottom.  I felt this gave the page a cleaner look. Each day I have a post, I have an S in a circle that I will color in when I schedule the post.


I loved this spread.. But since the blog is beginning to take up more and more space within my journal, for 2017 I’ve decided to use a totally different journal for blogging & my etsy store (MORE ON THAT SOON!)

For January…this is what I have so far.  I didn’t want to spend more money on another journal, so I decided to use one I already had, unfortunately its a lined journal and not a dot grid, which makes calendar drawing a whole lot harder.  So I got this printable calendar from Bullet Journal Joy (click on printables).


I will tell you, that this is just an idea of the posts I want to do this month.  I guarantee it will probably change! So don’t worry if one of the posts above doesn’t happen!

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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