The Wishlist

Who doesn’t love wishlists. I mean come on…


And then theres the time when we get to check off the wishlist that we’ve purchased the item.  Those are the days.

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Free Printable Friday: New Girl TV Tracker

Today’s free printable is all about NEW GIRL!

Tell me you are not a fan of this show…and we will have 0 things to talk about.

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Bullet Journal Cover Review

I have a serious addiction to all things rose-gold.  So when I saw this beauteous Leuchtturm1917 journal cover  from Woodland Cottage Farm on Etsy, I died and went to heaven and just knew I wanted needed it.


This thing is GORGEOUS!  Its a perfect fit for my journal, and has pockets in all the right places.  You can opt to have extra ribbons added to use as bookmarks in your journal, and I probably should have done this, but I wanted it for the start of my newest journal on January 1st, and this one was pre-made without the ribbons.  I would have had to wait extra time to get one made to order.

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Free Printable Friday: Cash Envelope Inserts

There are some people that swear by the Cash Envelope system.   I AM NOT ONE OF THEM.

I won’t lie…I wish I was, because this system really has some good benefits.  I just don’t have the patience to sit around and figure out the exact amount of cash I need to ask the teller for to fit into these little envelopes.

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Trip Planning (in the Bullet Journal)

2017 I have dubbed the year of the weddings.  So far I have like 5… The first is next week, and I thought it would be the perfect time to explain how I trip plan in my Bullet Journal.


Trip planning is fun, making the arrangements and lists (oh the lists!).  Planning out the things you want to do and so much more! This trip (well road trip as I am driving) will be short since 4 of the 5 day will be spent at least some portion in the car…yuck.  But it will be worth it, I have no doubt.

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The Flip-Out Key

Oh guys… Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this idea!


I’ve seen the flip out color key before. But for this journal I decided to do my entire key as a flip out.  It just made sense! And it was really easy to do!

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INTRODUCING: Our Etsy Store!

We’ve done it… We jumped the gun and opened a super-sweet Etsy Store!


We’ve got some pretty awesome planner printables up there just for you and your planner addiction…perfectly sized for the BULLET JOURNAL.  So make sure to check it out!


We’re adding new items almost daily and planning a few awesome GIVEAWAYS right here on the blog later this month.  SO CHECK BACK OFTEN!

(We’ve also got some rustic decor & a little bit of jewelry thrown in)


So head on over and check it out!

Free Printable Friday: Bones TV Tracker

I just recently heard that Bones is on its last season! 😦 Boo Hoo!

I actually really like this show (at least what I’ve seen so far).

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As a Bullet Journal Enthusiast… it’s a right of passage to LOVE pens. And oh do I.  I love so many, I can’t even count. So today I’m going to share with you my current favorites & how I carry them!


You would think this would be a VERY long list, and truth be told it really is.  But I’m going to focus on just my current loves. If I had to add a few more, just by mention they would be Stadetler Triplus Fine-liners, Papermate Flare Pens and the Papermate InkJoy Gel.

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