2017 Goals

Yesterday was the beginning of a New Year… and we all know what that means!


So here’s to making those goals/resolutions a top priority for 2017.

This goals page I designed and decided to make it the official page “1”.  Its the first page directly following the index in my bullet journal. I wanted it to be prominent and easy to find.

I chose to use some sparkly rose gold (oh tell me that color isn’t an obsession of yours too…) washi tape from the Heidi Swapp rose gold set, and then a header that I traced using a super easy trick  (font “Magnolia Sky” from 1001freefonts.com).

I then broke down my goals into 4 sections.  And then each section has just 3 goals.

My first section is Spiritual/Personal Development Goals.  This one is the most important section to me, so thats why I decided to make it first. So on to my three goals in this section.

  1. Read the entire Bible cover to cover this year.  I’m using the little booklets “Thru The Bible In A Year Reading Fifteen Minutes A Day” from Bible Pathway Ministries.  I’m sent one booklet each month that tells you the reading for the day, and then also gives you a short devotional expanding on the day’s reading.img_0354
  2. Have Devotions & Prayer Daily.  This pretty much goes along with the first goal, only because the plan requires you to read each and every day.  BUT some days I know I’ll fail at reading what I’m supposed to, but I still want to make sure I’m reding something form God’s Word and spending time in prayer with him.  My Bible Study &  Prayer bullet journal is a HUGE help in this department.
  3. Read 100 books.  This past year I made it to just over 70 books.  I LOVE reading and I love getting lost in a book.  And the kindle app on my iPad is linked to Goodreads, which really helps me keep track of my reading, and of the books I want to read. Reading is so beneficial to the brain too…and it’s a much better use of time than binge watching shows on Neftlix…which I clearly do too much of!

My second section is for Mental and Physical Health.  This is an area I always majorly fail at. But if 2016 was any indication I need to make some major changes in this area…because I’ve been noticing some not so pretty trends in my life regarding these things.

  1. Establish a Work-Out Routine.  It clearly doesn’t even matter what I do.  I’ll be tracking my steps with my fitbit (and maybe soon an apple watch… dreams…) As a wise blonde once said “Exercise produces endorphins and endorphins make you happy!”
  2. Work Out at least 3 Times Per Week.  This is the dream.  So hopefully I’ll be able to make this happen.  I have some workout DVD’s that I’ll be trying to use this winter, because I AM NOT PAYING FOR A GYM MEMBERSHIP.  And then summer will hold goal number 3.
  3. Spend More Time Outdoors.  I love hiking, and for christmas my family all chipped in and bought me a Kayak (ITS PINK).  So this summer I’m planning all kinds of hiking and kayaking excursions.

The third section is Financial Goals. This is a rough topic for me, because i’m a spender not a saver.  I know thats bad, I do… but I love shopping.  Thats no excuse, and I need to make some changes in this area… plus I’m hoping it will decrease the amount of unpleasant conversations that occur with disappointed family members…

  1. Have $1000 in savings by December 31, 20017. This is not a lot of money, in the grand scheme of things… but it is a good chunk of change that will help in a pinch.  So thats the goal.  I’m working on creating a page to track this in my BuJo… I just haven’t figured out exactly how I want to do it yet. I’ll be sure to share that once I figure it out.
  2. Pay off 2 Student Loans. I’m praying I’ll be able to do more than two, but I have two that are just under $1000, so that seemed doable.  I create a page in my BuJo entitled “Debt Snowball” (font is Magnolia Sky traced same as for the goals page).  I then used excel to create a tracker where each cell represents $10.  As I make payments I’ll color in the boxes. For privacy reasons, I did blur out the sections, but you can still make out the general idea. img_0356
  3. Learn to budget properly and do a no-spend month. I’m a horrible budgeter, because in the moment I think.. I’ve paid my bills – so now lets spend the rest on fun things…not saving what I should.  So I’m hoping to correct that, and successfully complete a no-spend month.

My fourth and final section is for Blog and Business.  This is all about this blog right here, and my etsy shop that I’m hoping will take off soon! (stay tuned for Saturday when I’ll introduce the store right here on the blog! These are pretty self-explanatory, so I won’t go into much detail.

  1. Have 100 blog followers. If you’re not following me yet…make are to do so ASAP.  I’m planning some pretty awesome things for 2017 (including giveaways!)
  2. Have 1000 instagram followers.  Follow us at @bulletjournalaholics for pictures of my BuJo and things I’m working on!
  3. Make $1000 in sales on Etsy.  This may be a little far-fetched for just starting out, and really I’d be happy to make just $100.

Want to see exactly how I made this page?  Check out the youtube video right here!

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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