The Flip-Out Key

Oh guys… Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this idea!


I’ve seen the flip out color key before. But for this journal I decided to do my entire key as a flip out.  It just made sense! And it was really easy to do!


I used a piece of heavy cardstock and added my header (font: Magnolia Skywith my handy tracing trick).  And then added in the bullets, and my color key.


I attached it with some rose gold washi tape to the last page of the journal (the page with the Leuchtturm1917 logo on it.  I then flipped over my key and added another piece of washi to make it secure.


It is smaller than the page size, which makes it an easy fit into the journal.  Now when I’m planning on the go I simply flip out my key to see the things I need to plan, plan, plan!


Watch the video below to see exactly how I created this key! (NOTE: The video shows me creating my original key designed for this journal, which is different than the key shown in the photos of this post.  I ended up chaining my colors to the Tombow markers, and needed to create a new key!)


Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


3 thoughts on “The Flip-Out Key

    1. Hi! The colors are the color number code from Tombow, the maker of the markers. I wrote them in so that I would remember which color is for what, some of them are a little similar so having that number keeps me on point!


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