Trip Planning (in the Bullet Journal)

2017 I have dubbed the year of the weddings.  So far I have like 5… The first is next week, and I thought it would be the perfect time to explain how I trip plan in my Bullet Journal.


Trip planning is fun, making the arrangements and lists (oh the lists!).  Planning out the things you want to do and so much more! This trip (well road trip as I am driving) will be short since 4 of the 5 day will be spent at least some portion in the car…yuck.  But it will be worth it, I have no doubt.

My college roommate is getting married, and I haven’t seen her since a couple months after graduation! So this will literally be an awesome trip! Plus I’m road-tripping most of the way with our other roommate! YAY!


I decided to go with a just a 2 page spread.  And titled it “Savannah” (since that’s where the wedding is) – again with the Magnolia Sky font, and my super amazing tracing trick.

On that first page I have the hotel information, a basic itinerary and some things I want to do before I go.


Then the second page, is a basic packing list.  This includes all the things that are not pieces of clothing or accessories.  For that, I’ll be using my phone and the StyleBook App.


As you can see, and know because you’re also a bujo-aholic, the possibilities are completely endless!

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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