Bullet Journal Cover Review

I have a serious addiction to all things rose-gold.  So when I saw this beauteous Leuchtturm1917 journal cover  from Woodland Cottage Farm on Etsy, I died and went to heaven and just knew I wanted needed it.


This thing is GORGEOUS!  Its a perfect fit for my journal, and has pockets in all the right places.  You can opt to have extra ribbons added to use as bookmarks in your journal, and I probably should have done this, but I wanted it for the start of my newest journal on January 1st, and this one was pre-made without the ribbons.  I would have had to wait extra time to get one made to order.

I’m not at all upset about that though! Just take a look!


This fabric is amazing, with the black and wight stripes, the roses, and the rose-gold accents.  And I love that the pen holder is a large size and fits even my fattest fountain pen!


The front inside cover has two pockets, an angled large one, where I keep these awesome metal stencils I got on amazon.  And then a smaller pocket. That one is currently empty.


The back cover has two more pockets, the same width as the front smaller pocket. Currently I have coupons there, and some save the dates for upcoming weddings in the pocket that comes with the Leuchtturm1917 journal. It is a little tricky to get into that pocket with this cover on.  BUT I’m so in love with it I don’t even care!


So head on over to Woodland Cottage Farm on Etsy and purchase your own…you know you want to… ITS AMAZING.  There will be more purchases from them in the future I’m SURE!


Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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