Bullet Journal 101: Day 1

Monday was day one of the Bullet Journal 101 class I taught, and boy did I share the love of this system.


After doing some introductions, I jumped right in by sharing the system as described by the creator himself, Ryder Carroll. If you haven’t checked out the video on his website yet, you really must.

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Bullet Journal 101 – The Preparation

Well… if you’ve missed the why behind this Bullet Journal 101 series, make sure to check out my intro post from yesterday here.  I’ll recap in a nutshell that I’m teaching a Bullet Journal 101 class to some high school students. And this post is all about what and how I prepared for that!


Where does one start to prepare for something like this?  Well let me tell you.. from the creator himself.

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Bullet Journal 101 – The Series

I’m going to roll out a new series.  It’ll be short – just this week.  But it will be AWESOME.


My Alma Matter (high school) does this thing called “Winterim” where for 2 days students can choose from a variety of special elective classes that range anywhere from creating crafts from Pinterest, skiing, fostering school spirit, cooking and the like.  AND THIS YEAR… enter Bullet Journaling 101.

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Free Printable Friday: Work Out Tracker Sticker

Okay I know, repeat offender of the last TWO free printable Fridays… But seriously these are helpful!


Use this printable to not only plan out your weekly work out by writing on the line, but the track those work outs by filling in that heart when you’re done!

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New To the Etsy Shop

If you haven’t taken a look at our Etsy shop yet… you really should!!

And here’s why… we’ve got a great selection of pretty awesome printables.  And they’re so so so easy to print off and add into your journal! 


Our most populr right now is this awesome Bible Reading Tracker!

Easily track your reading progress this year with this great printable.  Print and cut to fit your BuJo, paste in and add some washi for a little flare! Just $2.99!

My second favorite is this super cool Master Grocery List.

This comes as a three page spread.  Make your list and shop easily as the list is broken up into categories.  The third page is one full page of blank lines where you can make your own. 

Wondering how this works in the BuJo?? I simply use a pencil to add the number of the item that I need btween the circle and the item.  

When I’m shopping I can check off the circle to say that I’ve got the item in my cart.  Then when I’m home I’ll just erase the pencil markings and start over! 

This printable is one I can’t live without as is available in my Etsy store for $2.99.

As I get more added I’ll feature my favorites on the blog!

Stay addicted bullet journal-aholics! 

The Future Log Update

I am not a fan of the traditional future log as shown on the bullet journal web site. So for my current BuJo I decided to play around with a new idea.

When I first started bullet journaling, I used the “official” method.  Then I tried the calendex.  Nether really worked for me, so I decided to concoct my own version.

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Free Printable Friday: Hydration Stickers

I realize its been a few weeks since my latest Free Printable Friday…and for that IM SO SORRY.  Things have been a little cray-cray around here.

BUT TODAY… TODAY we’re back at it with the latest free printable. HYDRATION STICKERS!!!


These beauties are SO SO SO simple to make.

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