Finance BuJo Pages

I love tracking EVERYTHING in my bullet journal… WHO DOESN’T.  Because it’s so much easier to track it all in one place. Am. I. Right?


So here’s three pages I use to track my finances.


The Debt Snowball Page.

This page comes direct from Dave Ramsey’s theory of starting with your smallest debt first. Focusing on paying more of those off at the start.  Then working your way up to the larger debts.


I used the help of cells in Excel to make the tracker portion of this, then cut it out and pasted that into my journal.  Each cell is work $10. and I shrunk them to be about the same size as a square in the dot grid journal. As I pay off some each month, I color it in with a marker.

The Bill Tracker Page

This page helps me track my monthly bills.  Every last on of them.  Check out my video below to see exactly how I drew this one out.  I made a column for each month, plus an amount, due date and bill column.  That way I’m tracking what the bill is, how much the payment is, the date its due each month, and then as I pay I color in the appropriate month square.


The Check Register Page

This page I actually sell over at my Etsy store. It comes in a set of a couple different fonts, because we all know how much we like to change things up with-in our journals.   I got so tried of drawing this page over and over again, so I made it something I could print out each time I need a new one.  Purchase your’s here.


Check out the video of the bill tracker page below!

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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