Bullet Journal 101 – The Series

I’m going to roll out a new series.  It’ll be short – just this week.  But it will be AWESOME.


My Alma Matter (high school) does this thing called “Winterim” where for 2 days students can choose from a variety of special elective classes that range anywhere from creating crafts from Pinterest, skiing, fostering school spirit, cooking and the like.  AND THIS YEAR… enter Bullet Journaling 101.

When my mom asked if I’d be interested in teaching something like this I ALMOST DIED. Share my love of the BuJo with others… I THINK YES! So here’s what I’ll be sharing with you this week in this awesome Bullet Journal 101 series.  Because why not share the class with the world.

  1. SUNDAY – Bullet Journal 101 – The Series (hint…that’s this post!)
  2. MONDAY – Bullet Journal 101 – The Preparation – Get an inside look at how I prepared to teach this class, the materials the students were provided with, and the things I plan to teach them with.
  3. TUESDAY WEDNESDAY- Bullet Journal 101 – Class Day 1 – Here you’ll see first hand exactly what we talked about, how we did, and how the students reacted to their first bullet journal.
  4. WEDNESDAY THURSDAY- Bullet Journal 101 – Class Day 2 – A continuation of what I taught, along with some specifics for using the bullet journal as a student.
  5. THURSDAY – Bullet Journal 101 – Wrap Up – We’ll go over everything I did, and see how we did.
  6. FRIDAY –  Bullet Journal 101 – FREE Printables! – Yes that’s right, a super special FREE PRINTABLE FRIDAY with some yearly, monthly, and more free printables to make bullet journaling SUPER easy!
  7. SATURDAY – Bullet Journal 101 – The Video – an in depth video on how to get started with your own bullet journal.

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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