Bullet Journal 101 – The Preparation

Well… if you’ve missed the why behind this Bullet Journal 101 series, make sure to check out my intro post from yesterday here.  I’ll recap in a nutshell that I’m teaching a Bullet Journal 101 class to some high school students. And this post is all about what and how I prepared for that!


Where does one start to prepare for something like this?  Well let me tell you.. from the creator himself.

The Research

Take a look at the video over at www.bulletjournal.com and watch, creator, Ryder Carroll explain the bullet journal process in just over 4 minutes.

This was where I started, because honestly if you follow my Instagram you’ll know that my Bullet Journal is not exactly “simple”.  So I wanted to make sure to get back to the basics to be able to explain how this system works at it’s core.  From there, I started a basic list of all the things I wanted to cover.  And what a better place to capture that than in my BULLET JOURNAL!


I even started a list of page spread ideas that would be useful for students.

From there… ENTER PINTEREST. I started a board specific to this class and started pinning away anything that I thought would be useful to teach these students. This board has a range of things, from bullet journal basics, spread ideas to even study tips and class schedules.  Then along the same lines, I hit up YOUTUBE and watched several videos under the search Bullet Journaling for Students.  Although a college student, Ricardo over at Bujo Boosted, has some great videos about bullet journaling as a student.  I’m especially drawn to his study log, even to the point where I was slightly sad that I’m not a student and would have no use for it.

The Supplies

Then I took to the stores to find the supplies to get these students started.  Now if this were a perfect world and I was $500 richer I would have loved to purchase Leuchtturm1917 dot grid journals for all 6 students who are signed up for this class… but I opted for the journal I actually use as my prayer journal.


Just a basic lined journal from Wal-Mart ringing in at just over $3.50. This is a great journal for several reasons. It’s a hard bound journal with an elastic closing strap, it has a ribbon bookmark, and it lays flat for easy writing.  It even comes in three colors, black, pink and green.

I’ll also be providing each student with a Pilot B2P 0.7 gel pen.  This is a great starter pen, although I am partial to my new Lamy LX rose gold fountain pen. But lets get back to the Pilot pen.  It does smear if you are too quick to rub your hand against something you’ve just written.  But it writes smoothly, and has a cool environmentally friendly feature; it is actually a recycled plastic water bottle.


And last, but certainly not least, I’ve created some washi tape sample cards.  I just cut and laminated some patterned paper (about the size of a business card) and added a variety of washi to each card.  It’s an easy way to introduce the students to washi tape, and how easy it is to decorate your bullet journal with.


Planning the Class

The next thing I started to do was plan out the structure of the class. I headed back into my own BuJo and started listing out the things that I felt I would want to cover, and tried to allot them to one of the two days of the class. I’ll be typing this up and rearranging some of the information for better flow.



I’ll touch more on this in my next two posts and I go over the specifics.

Gathering the Artsy Supplies

The last thing I did was gather all my artsy like supplies that the students can use as they set up their journals.



This is the best $20 I’ve ever spent.  This caddy is wonderful.  I’m able to hold so much stuff in it.  I’ve got pens and pencils, markers, sticky notes and flags, scissors, tape runners, white out, pencil sharpeners, rulers, stencils, fountain pens, exra ink and some washi tape.


I wanted to bring even more washi tape, because I like to line my monthly spreads with a strip of washi on the edge of the page so I can easily flip to that page. I knew what I had given each student on their card wouldn’t be enough to do this for more than one or two months, plus provide them with some to  decorate their pages with.  All this washi is the Scotch Expression brand (my favorite kind of washi).  I have the washi all strung onto a cross stitch hoop and it fits neatly into that caddy!


I bought his pen roll up bag in addition to the caddy for about $9.00.  It has 4 zippered triangle pockets.  I’ve got bic cristal pens, papermate ink joy pens, papermate flairs, frixion erasable markers, staedtler triplus fineliners and some cheap brush style markers I purchased from Michaels. It all rolls up and fits nicely into the caddy.

I wanted the students to have a variety of products that I’ve used and that are popular in the bujo world to see and test out before they decide to purchase for themselves.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I’ll share about the first class and as always stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics.



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