March 2016 Recap

On today, the 31st this last day of March, what better way to celebrate than looking back over the favorite pages of this month!

Finance BuJo

I’m really a fan of this subway style art.  (Just wait till you see April’s!)

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Free Printable Friday: Once Upon A Time TV Tracker

Who doesn’t like this show… don’t answer that I’ve not seen seasons 5 or 6…


Every girl loves a fairy tale happy ending… and this show delivers!

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Journaling without a Mini Printer

Admit it, you want one of those polaroid zip printers too…

Finance BuJo

I love to journal with photos when I go away, and this weekend was no exception.  But it’s really hard to do that in your bullet journal, especially if you’ll be printing off the photos at a later date.

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Free Printable Friday: Suits TV Tracker

I’m back at it with the Free Printable Friday… and for the next few weeks I’ll be rolling out some TV tracker sticky notes. THESE ARE MY FAVORITES!


I’m a huge fan of this show.  You are able to watch some of the previous season on Amazon Prime.

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Guest Post: Once-A-Month Shopping, Menu Planning & Freezer Meals

Remember my sister’s first bullet journal?  Well she has come a long way and she’s back yet again for another awesome guest post all about grocery shopping once a month, menu planning and freezer meals in the bullet journal. So without further ado…here she is!


Whew!  That seems like a whole lot to put into one post, but trust me, they are all related.

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February 2017

I’m going to start a review of my journal pages each month.  (At least I’m going to try). So since here we are now in March, it’s time to review February.


I’ll be sharing my favorite spreads from the month, if/what I’ve changed and how things are going within my journal.

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Bullet Journal 101: The Video

ITS HERE! The long awaited in-depth video on the how-to of bullet journaling.

If you missed the beginning of this series go here first!


I am so excited to share this video with you all… and I hope it meets your fancy.  This was my first “speaking” video tutorial, so let me know what you all think!

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Bullet Journal 101: Wrap Up

I really have nothing but good things to say about teaching this class.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and even said they’d probably keep using the system. (We’ll have to see on that)…

If you missed the beginning of this series click here


At the end of Tuesday’s class I asked each student to choose their favorite page that they designed over the two days.

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Bullet Journal 101: Free Printables

If you remember from the first post in this series, I promised some FREE PRINTABLES!


So here are the free printables for today’s FREE PRINTABLE FRIDAY, which I used during this class!

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