Bullet Journal 101: Day 2

This day was really a day for the students to get down to designing their journal to reflect them, and focus on how they could use it to help with school.

If you’ve missed the beginning to this series, check out the first post here



At the end of class on Monday I asked the students to bring the following with them the next day:

  1. Their current assignment book/planner or list of upcoming events (which, scary thought, when I asked this most of them said they DIDN’T Have one…)
  2. One study tip to share with the class
  3. Any markers or other art supplies of their own that they might want to use in their journals.


Tuesday’s class was all about collections.  Collections are basically anything else that you put in your bullet journal.  It could be anything from a  list of books you want to read, to notes from a class.

I gave each student a copy of their schedule and let them design a class dashboard and schedule in their bullet journal.  This they seemed to really enjoy – because color-coding became a BIG THING!


The first collection we designed was the class dashboard.  This collection is like a key for the schedule (the second collection we designed).  Each class has its own color, and then you add the information about the class, like the room location, teacher, the time period, a study partner.  This would also come in handy to list professor office hours and locations for college.


The class schedule is just a break down of the classes and when they are.  Its a great way to easily keep track of the classes. Most students opted to draw out their schedule into their bullet journal.  But some did choose to paste in the printed copy of their schedule the school provided us with. You could even use for a work schedule if you have multiple jobs, especially if your schedule is the same every week.

The next collection we did was combine all the study tips the students brought with them from the “homework” I assigned them the night before.  We had 6 tips.  They enjoyed designing the page for those tips. Here’s an example of what a tips page would look like from my current journal.


Lastly I let them free to do what they wanted.  Some added in favorite quotes on some pages that they had left blank, others decorated pages from the day before with more color and washi tape.  I even brought some of my own journals so that they could take a peek inside to see some other ideas.

This series isn’t over yet! So stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Ahoilics!


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