February 2017

I’m going to start a review of my journal pages each month.  (At least I’m going to try). So since here we are now in March, it’s time to review February.


I’ll be sharing my favorite spreads from the month, if/what I’ve changed and how things are going within my journal.


This is my monthly spread.  I haven’t changed much from January.  I continue to use the TomBow dual tip brush markers in bright as my colors.  This calendar houses everything, from my blog posting schedule, to work stuff and personal stuff.  I like when everything in combined into one, then there is no confusion as to what is going on.


I found this image on Pinterest, thought it was really cool; and since I had done the same for the month of January, I figured for each month this year I’ll find one of these subway style art photos to print and paste in as the introduction to each month in my journal.


For all of January and February my header style stayed the same, I used the brush markers to write out the day, and then used a fountain pen to write over that in cursive. Then I did a time log (inspired by Boho Berry).  I’m going to change this for March.


This freezer inventory printable is available on my Etsy store.  I’ve pasted it into my journal and used washi tape to decorate a border around it.  As you can see, I’ve yet to fill it out and actually take inventory of my freezer.  But thats on my list of things to do ASAP.


I found this list and thought it was pretty helpful, so I decided to write it out into my journal.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading.  And I want to do more of it. Most of my reading is done on Kindle, and I use Good Reads to track books I want to read, and also that I read, since its connected to Kindle and auto updates as I start reading and finish reading a book.  I wanted to keep track to see how long it was taking me to read some of the books.


I love this spread, I’m itching for spring, and nice weather to go hiking!  So this is helping me track those hikes I hear about that I want to do. I’m currently working on hiking the 46 high peaks and also doing the fire tower challenge in the Adirodacks and Catskills.  I like this spread because it tells me the length of the hike, but also has a spot for how far the trailhead is away from my house – so I can plan a hike at a moments notice if I want to.


To go along with my hiking bucket list, I’ve added pages in my journal that lists the 46 High Peaks, the Catskill 35 and the Fire Tower Challenge.  It is a great tracker as I hike them so that I’ll remember the dates and be able to send away for my patches once completed.

How about you? what are your favorite pages from February??

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Ahoilics!


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