Journaling without a Mini Printer

Admit it, you want one of those polaroid zip printers too…

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I love to journal with photos when I go away, and this weekend was no exception.  But it’s really hard to do that in your bullet journal, especially if you’ll be printing off the photos at a later date.

How much space do you leave for the photos? What if I don’t leave enough? or leave too much?

So. Many. Questions.

Don’t get me wrong, one day I really do intend to purchase one of those mobile printers that prints photos right from your phone onto sticker paper.  But right now, I just can’t justify spending $100+ on one of those, when I’ve found a perfectly good alternative.

So this weekend I was in the Pocono Mountains with a friend at a Dude Ranch… (holy wow that was so much fun… cattle drive and all…) So of course there are photos I want to include in my journaling.

Here is what I do to get around adding in photos as I’m journaling.

I journal at the end of each day (generally). (sorry for the totally blurred pages… but you know privacy…)


If I actually do have something to add in, I always carry my handy glue dot runner with me, so I can easily add in tokens/mementos as I go.


But for the photos, I use this awesome stencil! I’ll draw out a rounded corner box, which is about 2.5″ x 2.5″.


Then, when I get home, I’ll use my computer to adjust the photo sizes in a word processor and print them out in color.  Then I’ll just add in the photos once I get them printed!


I haven’t decided which to print out for this weekend, but this is a trip that I recently took where I added in photos afterwards.


How do you journal and add photos when you’re away?

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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