The Struggle of Carrying Supplies on the Go

#thestruggleisreal Am I Right?  I feel like I find a system that works, only to switch purses and realize that the current system is a bust!

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So… I figure it’s about time I take the same approach to carrying supplies as I do with bullet journaling.

There. Is. No. Right. Way. To. Do. It.

Which means, that there will be changes, constant changes to the system of carrying supplies.  So here’s how I’m doing it now.

I recently (like yesterday) found this really cool pencil case by Yoobie at Target.


I’ll admit I’ve had similar ones on an amazon wishlist for ages, but just never purchased one. Seeing it in the flesh made it worth it. Now it fits my favorite Tombow markers (which has been an issue for me), scissors, a glue dot runner, whiteout and the Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens. AND IT ALL FITS IN MY PURSE! #score


In addition to this, my bullet journal is in a handmade cover (read about that here) that I also carry some supplies in.

The front holds my stencil, some sticky flags and paperclips.


The back holds more sticky notes, my pen of choice (currently sharpie pen) and then some business cards & my library card.


Have you changed up how you carry supplies recently? Share with us how!

Stay addicted bullet journal-aholics!


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