Reoccurring Work Tasks

I’ve gone back and forth between utilizing my Bujo for work.  Sometimes I use just one, and sometimes I start my own Bujo dedicated to work.

After using a bullet journal specifically dedicated to work, I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of multiple journals.

My job as an administrative assistant has two major aspects, random tasks I do once, and other tasks that occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  So since I wanted to try adding work into my (personal) Bujo again, I decided to attempt a tracker of sorts for those reoccurring tasks.

I’m not one hundred percent sold on this style, but the concept is working out well.

I set up my reoccurring tasks on a monthly basis, separated by day of the week that I generally do it on.  As I accomplish the task, I color in the square for the day, much like my habit tracker. For this spread, since blue in my bullet journal is the color for work, I decided to use blue for the entire page.

If for some reason I don’t complete the task on a day, I color it in when I do complete it and add within the box the letter for the day I complete it on.

For those other tasks I just do once, I have a running task list dedicated just to work.

As I fill up the page, I’ll thread with the previous and next pages to keep track.  But since I generally don’t fill up a page before I’m mostly done with the tasks on that page, I usually migrate any tasks still not complete on that current page to my next page. That just makes it so much easier for me to only have to go to one page, rather than checking multiple pages.

How do you Bujo at work?

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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