Guest Post: The Great Home Organization of 2017

This guest post comes to us from my sister Courtney.  She’s done a few other posts for me here at check out the last post here

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Life with two littles and a hubby who works 40+ hours a week can get pretty crazy sometimes.  Most days there is barely time to do all the survival stuff (ie. Cooking, dishes, controlling attempting to control the toy clutter, etc) which means organization often gets put to the bottom of the list.

But this year, I have been inspired to organize our home in an effort to simplify our lives.

Less stuff = less time maintaining it all!!!

A place for everything and everything in it’s place!

My husband reminded me of this saying…and it’s so true.  If stuff has a place, you don’t have to think about where it needs to go.  And let me tell you, sometimes thinking is hard work…haha!!

I guess you could say this is a New Year’s Resolution of sorts.  Shortly after 2017 began we found out baby #3 was on the way.  This put me into panic mode motivated me to get things organized before our family grew.  A few more weeks went by and I had a miscarriage.  I won’t go into all that here, but of course we are saddened and yet trust the Lord’s will and purposes are greater than ours.

This just motivated me further to get things organized before I am expecting again and lose all energy and motivation.

So I started making a list….

And that list grew and grew and I knew I needed to get myself organized in order to get organized…er, well, you know what I mean…

***all scribbles “decorations” are courtesy of my #1 little***


I started by making a key with one color for each room of the house and then notations for priority and other notes.


R – Reoccurring:   This is for tasks that need to be done now but will also need to be done in the future (ie. Filing paperwork).  I started another page in my Bujo for Monthly Household Tasks and added these reoccurring tasks to that list.

P1 – Priority One:  These are the tasks I wanted to accomplish first, the ones I felt were the most important or would simplify our lives the most.

C – Clean Sweep:  Who remembers that show on TLC?!  These are things that need to be reorganized and I plan to complete by emptying, sorting by keep, toss and sell/donate, and then reorganizing the keep pile.

F – Finishing Touches:  These tasks are the “fun ones” (and should really be at the bottom of the list…).  Things that don’t really need to be done, but I would like accomplished at some point (ie. Updating the photos in my daughter’s bedroom)

S – Subdivide into smaller tasks:   More on this in a moment

* Need to complete another tasks first:   These tasks are dependent on another one being completed first.  (ie. I can’t file all the paperwork until it has been sorted)

I’m thinking about adding some kind of time notation (ie. Tasks that will take less than 10 minutes, or can or cannot be done with the littles “helping”) but haven’t thought it through enough to implement it.


I REALLY like putting EVERYTHING on my to do list because I get great satisfaction from checking things off my list.  So subdividing some tasks was really helpful…and satisfying!  You can see I also used threading to easily be able to find all my organization pages.


The Great Home Organization of 2017 is well underway…and a long way from finished…and the list keeps growing.  But, like I said, crossing things off makes me feel like I am accomplishing something and writing everything down doesn’t allow me to stress over something I might be forgetting.

How do you use your bullet journal to stay organized around the house?

Keep organizing….and stay addicted!!


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