The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Two

Day two (yesterday) wasn’t exactly as easy to rise with the alarm as it was for day one. But my excitement to complete this challenge and the productivity I had for most of the day yesterday is an added plus.

I’m going to blame the thunderstorm and torrential downpour that resulted in me needing to close the windows and me falling asleep before I had the chance to open them back up, which had me awake only a few hours later feeling like I was sleeping in a sauna for my extra tiredness today.  (Whatever makes you feel better right?)

Today’s Miracle Morning:

🚨 Alarm at 6am

💦 Brushed teeth, but was far too lazy to attempt the stairs for a glass of water

🙏🏻 Silence: 15 minutes writing in my prayer journal. The journal is a grid style journal I found in a 3 pack at Michaels near their A5 sized travelers notebook.  I recently made an A5 sized travelers notebook cover for my Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal (stay tuned for that DIY post coming soon).

📖 Reading: 30 minutes reading Proverbs 7 and chapter two of Experiencing God.

🖋 Scribing: 5 minutes Journaling about yesterday, today, life and reflecting on what I read.

🤸🏻‍♀️ Exercise: 10 minutes of yoga on YouTube. Not a fan of thevideo I chose today.

❤️ Affirmations: read through my list (see yesterday’s post for the list)

👓 Visualization: skipped this today.

How was your day two?

Stay addicted bullet journal-aholics!


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