The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Three

I’m starting to see what was meant by “unbearable.”

Day Three.  Well I got up… but I felt horrible, my whole body hurt, I felt like I could sleep for a fe kore hours and I was already hungry. Hi Mr. Grumpy 😡 Gills.

Here’s the breakdown of Day Three:

🚨 Alarm clock at 6am – contemplated trying to sleep through the annoying beep. Definitely took me longer to get out of bed than it did the past two days.

💦 Brushed my teeth and got a drink of water from downstairs.  I remembered reading that water wakes you up… that was my only motivation.

🙏🏻 Silence: 30 minutes for today, praying specifically for strength and endurance with this challenge, keeping up with reading my Bible and dealing with some rough personal life challenges at the moment.

📚 Reading: Today I spent 40 minutes here, because I needed some extra encouragement.  I opted to work on a Precept study I’ve been working on.  Entitled Overcoming Fear and Discouragement this book is a inductive Bible study through the books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther.  I started this a few weeks ago, and am still only in the 6th chapter of Ezra.  I have been really bad about doing it because it’s time consuming, BUT this type of study really helps me to see my current life situations in a new light, especially this one and even more specifically discouragement… (let me know in the comments below if you’d be interested in hearing more about inductive Bible studies on the blog here!)

🖋 Scribing: My journal entry today was a little longer than normal. Almost a whole page – FRONT AND BACK!

🤸🏻‍♀️ Exercise: A 5 minute yoga video from Brett Larkin on YouTube. I’m a fan of her channel & videos!

❤️ Affirmations: skipped

👓 Visualization: skipped

Here’s to making it through to day four…

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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