The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Four

I actually work up around 5:45 today to the sound of my cats figuring out that the door to my bedroom wasn’t all the way closed.  They escaped.  I should have know that was going to be the start to a rough Miracle Morning routine…

I actually moaned when the alarm sounded at 6am.  But I’ve now successfully woken up made it out of bed for four Miracle Morning days in a row! Yay me!

Today’s Miracle Morning:

🚨 Alarm again at 6am followed by an audible moan that

💦 brushed my teeth, no glass of water

🙏🏻 Silence today with my prayer journal for 30 minutes.  I spent time praying for the US as it is the National Day of Prayer.

📚 Reading today was 40 minutes.  I again did the Inductive Study on Ezra. Inductive study is in depth and uses symbols to help you study and draw from the text.  Here’s what my Bible looked like after today’s reading of chapter 7.

It seems intense, and daunting – but I have never been able to really feel like I could study the Bible and understand it on my own, without the help of commentaries or online sermons.  I’m understanding more about God more than ever now! It’s incredibly exciting.

🤸🏻‍♀️Exercise: today I wanted to do the same yoga video as yesterday, but it is now 7:15 and I’m usually getting dressed by now.   I really wanted to do this though, so 5 minutes I could handle… or so I thought.  Oy to the vey people…. I couldn’t find the video on my Apple TV… so I chose another that I started but then stopped listening to the instructor and just did my own thing.

🖋 Scribing: Basic jist of my journal entry for today: Last night, not good. This morning, not good. Today, likely not good.  Great…

Affirmations and Visualization today were out the window!

Keep going Miracle Morning-ers we can do this… unbearable only lasts another week!

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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