The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Five

I again woke at 5:45am and this time got out of bed before my alarm even went off!

Today I’m not working my normal job, but instead with be spending 8 or so hours doing a photo shoot for a website. Yikes… with that I need to arrive earlier than I normally do for work, so it worked well that I woke up earlier today.  I have to say too, not hearing that obnoxious alarm beep was a plus!

Today’s Miracle Morning:

🚨 at 6am, but the body alarm said 5:45 so up I was then, happily switching off the alarm!

💦 brushed my teeth, no water – wayyy too lazy.

🙏🏻 Silence: 15 minutes of prayer – specifically for the Lord a presence in my day for this photo shoot.  I have an anxiety disorder – and generally things like this would put me in an extra anxious state.  I have found that when I cover the events in prayer I’m less likely to have problems.

📚 Reading: I continued my Inductive study in Ezra.  Making a list in my Ezra journal about chapter 7.  Lists are a feature of the Inductive study.

🖋 Scribing: about half a page or so, maybe 10 minutes.

❤️ Affirmations: since my affirmations are what I’m given in God, I find that the days I read/say them I’m more apt to have a better attitude about things.  I may consider picking one to focus on each day.

🤸🏻‍♀️ Exercise: Yoga 10 minutes

👓 Visualization: did not do today

The half-way point of unbearable has been reached! Yay!

Stay atticted Bullet Journal-Aholics.


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