The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Nine

I feel like I’ve got the whole waking up thing down.  I don’t feel like crawling back into bed again every morning.  But now I’m starting to get lazy where the life SAVERS are concerned.

I’ve mastered the alarm across the room. At least when I’ve remembered to set it. 8/9 is good though right? So anyways… now it’s time to find the actual routine plan that works – and stays the same, well at least as “same” as it can.

Today’s Miracle Morning Routine

🚨 Alarm at 6am

Jumped straight into 🙏🏻 silence today, writing in my prayer journal for a good 20 minutes.  I do not want to skip the water part anymore.  I’ve noticed on the (few) days I’ve actually completed that, I’m more alert during my Miracle Morning.

After silence I spent some time 📚 reading.  Still working through the Ezra study. I’m backtracking here a little bit as I’m transferring markings and notes into a bible without study notes.  I’m liking this idea, purely because then this bible consists solely of the nots I’m lead to add as God reveals them to me.  One of the tips you get when starting with Inductive bible study is to interpret scripture with scripture and leaving the use of study notes written by man as the last thing to refer to.

After silence I spent time writing 🖋 (scribing) in my journal.  I’ve been writing more in here as there have been some difficult personal situations I’ve been facing lately.

I skipped 🤸🏻‍♀️ exercise today as well as ❤️ affirmations and 👓 visualization.  Unless you count myself “visualizing exercising.” But I highly doubt that counts.

Until tomorrow…

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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