The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Twenty-Two (and 19-21)

Well – it’s safe to say that weekends are not exactly Miracle Morning savvy yet…

Sorry for my lack of posting the past few days. But now I’m back and ready to be UNSTOPPABLE. Especially now that we’ve entered the final 10 day stretch!

Miracle Morning Day 19: My Miracle Morning went as planned today. I actually did my affirmations, but skipped exercise and visualization.  For the sake of just knowing it’s never going to happen – I’m going to delete visualization from my Miracle Morning.  It’s just not something I see as helpful.

Miracle Morning Day 20: Again my Miracle Morning went as planned. Although I did not get up at 6am.  It’s Saturday people…

Miracle Morning Day 21: There was no Miracle Morning today 😫.

And now on to today… Day Twenty-Two.

🚨 at 6 am

💦 teeth and water

🙏🏻 10 minutes today using the Day One Journaling app to journal my prayer.

📚 Nehemiah 3 – that was a rough chapter…

🖋 scribing about the weekend and more.  I had a lot to say – and exciting things too – I’m going away for the holiday weekend (Memorial Day) and I was preparing for that.  People the most exciting this is that I CAN PUT MY KAYAK ON MY CAR ALL BY MYSELF! You have no idea how excited that makes me…

I did not do affirmations, visualization or exercising. (See now why I’m removing visualization…)

Stay addicted Bullet Jornal-Aholics!!


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