The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Twenty-Five

Yesterday was an adventure.

The adventure was tick related.  But urgent care came to my rescue and I was able to work on my drawing skills for my BuJo…

I shouldn’t quit my day job when it comes to drawing right?

On and remember on day 23 when I said I switched  up my BuJo to a passport sized travelers notebook – yeah that lasted all of 24 hours…. I love the Leuchtturm1917 too much…

Well anyways… onto the Miracle Morning.

🚨6am – didn’t exactly want to get out of bed.  I’ve been extra tired lately – don’t worry that’s normal for me (not tick related)

💦 brushed teeth

🙏🏻20 minutes of thankfulness for sparing me a really bad tick experience (let’s just say I’m a little paranoid…) and in prayer for the weekend of camping coming up

📚 Nehemiah 4

🖋 journaled about stuff

❤️🤸🏻‍♀️👓 no time this morning for these things!

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics! We’ve almost made it through our Challenge!!


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