The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Thirty-One 

There you have it.  A thirty-one day challenge complete just like that!

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I’ll go through a little bit more in depth of what my Miracle Morning looks like, share my spreads in my bullet journal and go over what the next 30 days are going to look like!

Day Thirty-One

🚨6:00am again, the alarm was on my phone; I easily got up and out of bed though to start my Miracle Morning.

🙏🏻 20 minutes

📚 went back to Ezra, working on some lists that the Inductive study has you make as you go along, I struggled with those, so I wanted to go back and dig deep to work on them.

🖋 5 minutes – still using the day one app!

❤️ I did read my affirmations.  You’ll remember about a week ago I was really struggling with some stuff.  I still am; but I noticed today that reading through those affirmations made me realize just how blessed I am.  Yes I still struggle, and I will continue to struggle – but I do have Jesus.

There you have it; a successful challenge completed!

Stay addicted bullet journal-aholics!!


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