My Miracle Morning

If you remember, during the month of May we completed a 30 31 day Miracle Morning Challenge.

If you missed out… check out the original post here.

Now that I’ve made the Miracle Morning a successful part of my morning routine I have some goals for the future.  But first let’s take a quick look at what my Miracle Morning looks like.

I designed this page after I read the book by Hal Elrod (a great read by the way).  For the challenge I successfully woke up at 6am most mornings and got right into my routine which looked like this:

  1. Alarm clock at 6am
  2. Brush teeth
  3. Silence (Prayer – I wrote down my prayers using the Day One App)
  4. Reading (Read the Bible doing my daily devotion time)
  5. Scribing (Journaled about what I read or about the day before or how I was feeling.  I used the Day One App for this too)
  6. Exercise (I struggled with getting to this, only successfully doing it 16 of the 31 days)
  7. Affirmations (I also struggled with this one. While I do have a list of affirmations I just had a hard time committing to reading/saying them.  I only did this 13 of the 31 days.)
  8. Visualization (after day 6 and only doing this 4 times, I decided that this feature did not work for me and I removed it from my Miracle Morning.)

This is my list of affirmations, written out in my bullet journal.

So what does this look like for me now?

After this challenge I wanted to challenge myself again.  I sat down and looked over my chart and re-evaluated what I had done, and what I want to do. Two things jumped out to me: exercise and affirmations.

I decided to set my alarm to 5:45am.  I think part of the reason I was skipping exercise was because I didn’t have time for it within my morning.  I really want to make this a priority for June.  I’ve started a 21 day fitness challene using a YouTube playlist from PopSugarFitness.

I rewrote my affirmations on and 8.5×11 sheet of paper and posted it to a bulletin board in my room.  This is right by my couch where I do my silence, reading and scribing.  I’m able to easily look up and read/say my affirmations without getting my BuJo out.  I think this will really help me to make affirmations a part of my Miracle Morning.

I also started using my Apple Keyboard to type in the Day One App for my silence and scribing.  I can type a lot better and faster than “text.”

And there you have it… stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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