Inside My BuJo: MAY 2017

I love the start of a new month in my bullet journal.  It’s a time to reflect on the past month; see what worked, throw out what didn’t, and then make changes and try new things.

I love reflecting on the past month and checking back at the pages I’ve done.

When I started this new bullet journal (#6) I decided to 100% use my own handwriting, no tracing printed fonts.  I was a little intimidated at first – because I love the way it looks all fancy when you do that.  But I was spending so much time copying font, copying pages I’d seen – I was never creating my own thing.

I’m excited to share some of these awesome pages from the month of May!

In my past bullet journals I had been using a two page monthly spread.  I wasn’t really utilizing it to its fullest extent, so I decided to try using just one page.  I’m really glad with how it turned out.

I think this is the first habit tracker that has been mostly complete.  And I added in a self-care tracker graph this month to track that.  It really has been helpful to see where I’m at.

You’ve all seen the level 10 life spreads… I just completed a 31 day Miracle Morning Challenge through May.  This was part of that challenge and where I rated my levels at the beginning of May.

This page was my own design, I thought long and hard on how to do this! And I’m really glad with the result.  I used this page (obviously) to track my progress with the Miracle Morning Challenge.

Tracking TV shows is what I’m all about here.

I planted a garden this month, and this was helpful to plan it out and remember what plants are where in my garden.

CAMPING!! Memorial Day Weekend the official start to summer, and for me that means camping … so I added several spreads (of my own design) all about camping and the great outdoors.  This one above lists my camping gear that I need to pack with me for each trip.

Hiking is another favorite summer activity for me, so this list was another need for my BuJo.

This spread is one that I flip to and just look at (you know you do it with some of yours too…).  I live about 2 hours south of the heart of the Adirondacks, about 20 minutes to enter the park from my home.  And oh I just love exploring the region! These are a list of hiking challenges I want to complete.  I’m 7/46 of the high peaks.  My goal for this summer is to get the Lake George 12ster patch.

Since summer is now “here” … well… sort of… I also wanted to add in a summer bucket list to see if I can accomplish some of the Hingis I’ve wanted to do for forever!

So there you have it, a little glimpse into May 2017 in my BuJo!

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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